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Owners of fabric retractable awnings need to make sure their in-use awnings always remain secure. To achieve this goal, a well-constructed and sturdy patio awning brace is used as a retractable awning support. While there are many awning accessory choices available, awning owners need one that will not only be supportive but will also help reduce wear to the awning caused by wind, help protect the awning against tearing and will reduce under-awning noises caused by wind resistance.


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Patented in the United States and Canada
Fortunately, the Awning Assist Brace was designed to prolong the life of patio-style awnings. Holding two patents, this Universal Awning Support brace is one of the most important Retractable Awning Accessories consumers can purchase to protect their retractable, outdoor investments.


Available in a Variety of Lengths

Knowing one Universal Awnings Accessory size does not fit all, Awning Assist Brace, Inc. is pleased to offer consumers a choice of awning braces. Kits are available in 4’, 8’ and custom made lengths. New variable positioned telescopic version will be introduced in Oct. 2011, featuring telescopic action between 56" to 96"! All kits are powder-coated white color and utilize quick-release action features. Additional Fabric Awnings Accessories, sold by Awning Assist Brace, Inc., include a “Twist and Lock” Plate System and 18” Stainless Steel/Nylon Lanyards.


Easy Assembly and Installation

Understanding a quality product can only function as designed if properly installed, the Roll-Up Awnings Bracket, sold by Awning Assist Brace, Inc., is easy to assemble and comes with complete installation instructions. Assisting consumers one step further, Awning Assist Brace, Inc. also sells an Installation, Sales and Training DVD; allowing viewers to see firsthand how to properly assemble and install this high-quality product.


Compatible with a Variety of Patio Awnings

Customers who use the Awning Assist Brace find they spend more time outdoors. The Awning Assist Brace has been engineered to help fabric patio-styled, retractable awnings, owners are more comfortable utilizing their awnings; knowing their awnings are safely supported and guarded against surprise wind gusts, unnecessary wind damage and associated noise.


The Awning Assist Brace is designed to be compatible with every known patio-style roll-up awning on the market. Customers can rest assured their awning will benefit from the Awning Assist Brace’s patented technologies, and can see and hear a noticeable difference after the brace’s first use. For people who tend to spend a great deal of time outside entertaining or enjoying the great outdoors, this makes a more pleasant recreational experience.


Enjoy the Outdoors More

Start enjoying the outdoors more. Purchase Awning Assist Braces today and experience the quality workmanship, ease of use and innovative design features offered by Awning Assist Brace System, Inc.. As you are experiencing a more pleasant outdoor awning environment, you will be very glad you purchased this expertly-designed awning accessory.